Challenges to becoming successful in Publishing business-An opinion on the production of OHIO SONGBAD

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Challenges to becoming successful in Publishing business-An opinion on the production of OHIO SONGBAD


Freedom of speech and rights to express views and opinion in public and private places are the God given rights of the individuals as citizens as enshrined in our US constitution. This is the bedrock on which human rights and democracy can flourish. One of the vehicles to express such opinions and views are the media, be it paper, online or TV. There is a large Bangladeshi Community in OHIO and more so in big cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton to name a few who are a highly active, vibrant, law abiding citizens/residents having a diverse socio-economic, cultural and educational background.  Unfortunately, there has not been a single BengaleeNewspaper published until now that catered to fulfill the aspirations of the Bangalee community so far.

OHIO SONGBAD published and printed from Columbus -OHIO by the editorial board led by Liton Kabir and his team has been a beacon of light for all of us. As a BengaliAmerican living in Columbus since 2005, I appreciate the editorial board for this noble initiative. On 30 October, the launching of the online version of the OHIO SONGBAD in a simple ceremony reaffirmed the trusts and beliefs of the publishers in going forward with their noble initiatives despite all the challenges and constrains.

While commending the editor in Chief Liton Kabir and his team on the bold initiatives to publish this monthly Bengali Newspaper, I am putting forward few points /observations that can be anviewed as a guide in the journey going forward for which we all should come forward and help to promote this newspaper and make it a successful venture.


In my opinion there are few important elements which I feel needs to be pointed out for the considerations of the editorial board and publisher to overcome any difficulties in the future.


  • It is important to have a small but highly skilled team of dedicated individuals with clear knowledge, intent and skills in this profession. They all must have strong commitments to work had and carry forward the vision under all difficult circumstances.
  • The contents of the story must be unique with interesting ideas and capture the attention of the reader.

Vision:  clear vision or path.

  • The owners must understand that to achieve the vision they must also need to have a clear strategy and plans. The ultimate end users are the readers. Important to take note of what the audience wants. The vision must be translated in actions. Publishing team must understand why it is important to have the newspaper e.gis it Building the image of the Bangladeshis, Sharing of information, reports, ideas etc,
  • Visibility in the larger community, Networking with public and private sectors at individual and organizational level. This would ultimately at some point drive through the agenda of the power of our Bengali community in Columbus and beyond both politically, culturally, socially and economically.
  • Help form a strong DIASPORA and building the image of motherland in USA

Sustainability and Marketing:

  • This is the most difficult part to keep a newspaper financially viable. It is important to understand who is the CLIENT?
  • Needs are different for different generations. My needs will not match with the needs of my children or grandchildren.
  • Take the example of NYC where there are many Bengali newspapers being published free of costs. OHIO SONGBAD charges money? Can they sustain? Who will pay to buy such papers and how many.
  • OHIO SONGBAD must vigorously do the marketing to create a pool of companies who will give Advertisements. In addition, there needs to have a core group of donors who will sponsor events and raise money for the newspapers.
  • With membership fees and occasional donations, it will be very difficult to sustain the newspaper long term,
  • Focus may shift to ON-LINE VERSION.
  • Need to have a solid “funding base”
  • Very important to have clear understanding of “Value Chain” from production>Sale>marketing> financial viability i.e. profit.


It is important and a must for the Editorial board to have a clear model of production, sale and marketing to make the project successful. Publicity and promotion of the newspapers are very important. There is no substitute to having a good content. Community level leadership and inclusion of all segments of population are important in the design, raising awareness and building ownership and support of OHIO SONGBAD among the younger generations.

Overall, a very good initiative and my support will be with you as always.

Best regards

Reza Hassan- MPA and MPP -Princeton University, NJ-USA

Sr. Political and Governance officer (rtr) – United Nations

Director-RnR Realtor and Development LLC

Political and Security Analyst- South and Central Asia Region

EX-BACO President