BALA – A Student’s Perspective by Shanita Mustafa

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BALA – A Student’s Perspective by Shanita Mustafa
Ohio Sangbad : For as long as I can remember, Sunday’s were for Bangla School. That meant getting up at 9:30, getting ready, running around the house looking for my books, and then finally leaving for Zahid Uncle’s house, 10 minutes late! Now don’t be fooled by the word school. Though, we may have been going to Bangla School to learn and study, it never really felt like a school. For me, it was more like going to best friend’s house to hang out, every single weekend. That was one of the many things I loved about it.
I will never forget how much fun Bangla School really was. It all started when you arrived at Zahid Uncle’s and Nupur Auntie’s house. From the moment you enter their house, they welcomed you with open arms. Nupur Auntie was always making something in kitchen, whether it be pancakes, paratha, or a simple cup of tea. She was always working but always smiling. Her smile made all the difference on those early Sunday mornings.
Zahid Uncle was always in the basement with Bangla School. He was very hands on in teaching us Bangla. He gave us books to read, notebooks to write in, and would strike up conversations with us in Bangla. He helped us when we struggled with a sound or how to write certain letters. My favorite part about learning in Bangla School, was how Zahid Uncle always made us laugh. It didn’t matter if we were writing or speaking, he always made us laugh and smile. He made sure that we were having fun and as you can probably tell, we always did.
Bangla School was more than just studying and reading books. One of my favorite parts of Bangla School was when everyone would go outside and play in the beautiful, grassy back yard. We would play any game we could think of like soccer or football. We played with the basketball hoop or draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Somedays, all we did was run around outside and play tag. Other days we flew kites outside or went on a hike through the woods behind the house. There was even a bridge that everyone would stop at during the hike. It was right in the middle of the woods and on top of this beautiful little creek. All the kids would try and stand on the bridge all together so they could look at the water. I remember it like it was yesterday.
I am grateful to have been able to be a student in Bangla School. I will always cherish the memories. I give the most heartfelt thank you to Zahid Uncle and Nupur Auntie for Bangla School. It wouldn’t have been Bangla School without either of them. I truly hope that everyone who is in Bangla School now is having just as much fun!